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1The Concept of Growth Hormone Deficiency Affecting Clinical Prognosis in IVF
John L. Yovich,Sheena L. P. Regan,Syeda Zaidi,Kevin N. Keane
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2Roles of insulin-like growth factor II in regulating female reproductive physiology
Tahir Muhammad,Mengjing Li,Jianfeng Wang,Tao Huang,Shigang Zhao,Han Zhao,Hongbin Liu,Zi-Jiang Chen
Science China Life Sciences.2020;63(6)849
3Murine embryos exposed to human endometrial MSCs-derived extracellular vesicles exhibit higher VEGF/PDGF AA release, increased blastomere count and hatching rates
Rebeca Blázquez,Francisco Miguel Sánchez-Margallo,Verónica Álvarez,Elvira Matilla,Nuria Hernández,Federica Marinaro,María Gómez-Serrano,Inmaculada Jorge,Javier G. Casado,Beatriz Macías-García,Gijs B Afink
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4An altered expression of components of the IGF system could contribute to follicular persistence in Holstein cows
Fernanda Mariel Rodríguez,María Lucía Cattaneo Moreyra,Emilia Huber,Natalia Carolina Gareis,Lucas Etchevers,Hugo Héctor Ortega,Natalia Raquel Salvetti,Florencia Rey
Research in Veterinary Science.2022;143(4)99
5Endometrial Dysbiosis Is Related to Inflammatory Factors in Women with Repeated Implantation Failure: A Pilot Study
Vito Cela,Simona Daniele,Maria Elena Rosa Obino,Maria Ruggiero,Elisa Zappelli,Lorenzo Ceccarelli,Francesca Papini,Ilaria Marzi,Giorgia Scarfò,Fulvia Tosi,Ferdinando Franzoni,Claudia Martini,Paolo Giovanni Artini
Journal of Clinical Medicine.2022;11(9)2481
6Cycle day 2 insulin-like growth factor-1 serum levels as a prognostic tool to predict controlled ovarian hyperstimulation outcomes in poor responders
Limor Man,Jovana Lekovich,Chelsea Canon,Zev Rosenwaks,Daylon James
Fertility and Sterility.2020;113(6)1205
7Follicular fluid levels of anti-Müllerian hormone, insulin-like growth factor 1 and leptin in women with fertility disorders
Radek Kucera,Vaclav Babuska,Zdenka Ulcova-Gallova,Vlastimil Kulda,Ondrej Topolcan
Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine.2018;64(3)220
8Gonadotropin versus Follicle-Stimulating Hormone for Ovarian Response in Patients Undergoing in vitro Fertilization: A Retrospective Cohort Comparison
Zhisong Ji,Xiaozhen Quan,Yanli Lan,Meng Zhao,Xiaolong Tian,Xuezhou Yang
Current Therapeutic Research.2020;92(3)100572
9IGF-1 treatment during in vitro maturation improves developmental potential of ovine oocytes through the regulation of PI3K/Akt and apoptosis signaling
Pradeep Krishna Javvaji,Arindam Dhali,Joseph Rabinson Francis,Atul P. Kolte,Sudhir C. Roy,Sellappan Selvaraju,Anjumoni Mech,Veerasamy Sejian
Animal Biotechnology.2021;32(6)798
10Predictive value of follicular fluid insulin like growth factor-1 in IVF outcome of normo-ovulatory women
Noura Faraj,Marwan Alhalabi,Faizeh Al- Quobaili
Middle East Fertility Society Journal.2017;22(2)101
11Atomic force spectroscopy-based essay to evaluate oocyte postovulatory aging
Alice Battistella,Laura Andolfi,Michele Zanetti,Simone Dal Zilio,Marco Stebel,Giuseppe Ricci,Marco Lazzarino
Bioengineering & Translational Medicine.2022;22(2)101
12Short-term methionine supplementation during the early post-partum period in primiparous rabbits improves prolificacy associated with an increase in serum concentrations of IGF-I
Z. B. Lopéz-Cedillo,A. M. Rosales-Torres,G. D. Mendoza,Y. Heuze,A. E. Ávila-Espítia,A. Guzmán
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13Hyaluronan and hyaluronidase, which is better for embryo development?
Waleed F.A. Marei,Kabir A. Raheem,Mazdak Salavati,Tina Tremaine,Muhammad Khalid,Ali A. Fouladi-Nashta
14Discordant Growth of Monozygotic Twins Starts at the Blastocyst Stage: A Case Study
Laila Noli,Antonio Capalbo,Caroline Ogilvie,Yacoub Khalaf,Dusko Ilic
Stem Cell Reports.2015;5(6)946
15Interplay Between mTOR and Hippo Signaling in the Ovary: Clinical Choice Guidance Between Different Gonadotropin Preparations for Better IVF
Kyriaki Papageorgiou,Eirini Mastora,Athanasios Zikopoulos,Maria E. Grigoriou,Ioannis Georgiou,Theologos M. Michaelidis
Frontiers in Endocrinology.2021;12(6)946
16Perifollicular blood flow and its relationship with endometrial vascularity, follicular fluid EG-VEGF, IGF-1, and inhibin-a levels and IVF outcomes
Fisun Vural,Birol Vural,Emek Doger,Yigit Çakiroglu,Mustafa Çekmen
Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics.2016;33(10)1355
17Differential insulin and steroidogenic signaling in insulin resistant and non-insulin resistant human luteinized granulosa cells—A study in PCOS patients
Muskaan Belani,Abhilash Deo,Preeti Shah,Manish Banker,Pawan Singal,Sarita Gupta
The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.2018;178(10)283
18Follicular Fluid Growth Factors and Interleukin Profiling as Potential Predictors of IVF Outcomes
Bouricha Molka,Bourdenet Gwladys,Bosquet Dorian,Moussot Lucie,Benkhalifa Mustapha,Cabry Rosalie,Gubler Brigitte,Khorsi-Cauet Hafida,Benkhalifa Moncef
Frontiers in Physiology.2022;13(10)283
19The expression level of mir-21-3p in platelet-rich plasma: A potential effective factor and predictive biomarker in recurrent implantation failure
Scarlet Babian,Saghar Salehpour,Leila Nazari,Nassim Ghorbanmehr
Molecular Reproduction and Development.2022;13(10)283
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