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146Predicting the sacculinid Sacculina beauforti infection status of the orange mud crab Scylla olivacea by discriminant analysis
Hanafiah Fazhan,Khor Waiho,Hin Boo Wee,Mohd Agos Surzanne,Hongyu Ma,Mhd Ikhwanuddin
147One-step surgery with multipotent stem cells and Hyaluronan-based scaffold for the treatment of full-thickness chondral defects of the knee in patients older than 45 years
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150Impact of a Dual-Ring Wound Protector on Outcome After Elective Surgery for Colorectal Cancer
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153Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis as Risk and Premorbid Factors of IBD and IBS Along the Childhood–Adulthood Transition
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155Police, Law Enforcement and HIV
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156Cadherin-5: a biomarker for metastatic breast cancer with optimum efficacy in oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancers with vascular invasion
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157Testing a Photo Story Intervention in Paper Versus Electronic Tablet Format Compared to a Traditional Brochure Among Older Adults in Germany: Randomized Controlled Trial
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Sonia ???
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159Are physiotherapists reliable proxies for the recognition of pain in individuals with cerebral palsy? A cross sectional study
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160Traditional and modern practices in wounds and burn injuries in a population of North Western Turkey
Elvan Yilmaz,Isil Isik Andsoy
161Traditional and modern practices in wounds and burn injuries in a population of North Western Turkey
Zijing Mao,Tzyy-Ping Jung,Chin-Teng Lin,Yufei Huang
162Label-free quantitative proteomic analysis reveals muscle contraction and metabolism proteins linked to ultimate pH in bovine skeletal muscle
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163Limited Evidence Suggests Immediate Implant Placement Could be an Alternative to Delayed Implants in Molar Regions
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164Epstein-Barr virus infection and oral squamous cell carcinoma risk: A meta-analysis
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166Effect of Work Environment on Level of Work Stress and Burnout among Nurses in a Teaching Hospital in Nigeria
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167Sample Size for Tablet Compression and Capsule Filling Events During Process Validation
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168Body image and its relationship with coping strategies: The views of Iranian breast cancer women following surgery
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169Recognizing preschool children with primary teeth needing dental treatment because of caries-related toothache
Anelise Daher,Mauro H.N.G. Abreu,Luciane R. Costa
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170Kinesio taping or just taping in shoulder subacromial impingement syndrome? A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
Figen Kocyigit,Merve Acar,Mehmet Besir Turkmen,Tugce Kose,Nezahat Guldane,Ersin Kuyucu
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171Effect of Food Preference and Mothers Nutritional Knowledge on Obesity in Schoolgirls in Saudi Arabia: A Case-Control Study
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172Medication Reconciliation at Discharge from Hospital: A Systematic Review of the Quantitative Literature
Maja Michaelsen,Paul McCague,Colin Bradley,Laura Sahm
173Best Practices for Conducting Observational Research to Assess the Relation between Nutrition and Bone: An International Working Group Summary
Regan L Bailey,Shivani Sahni,Patricia Chocano-Bedoya,Robin M Daly,Ailsa A Welch,Heike Bischoff-Ferrari,Connie M Weaver
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174Monte Carlo simulations of the clinical benefits from therapeutic drug monitoring of sunitinib in patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumours
Sebastiaan C. Goulooze,Peter Galettis,Alan V. Boddy,Jennifer H. Martin
Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology.2016;78(1)209
175Metacognitive Therapy for Depression in Adults: A Waiting List Randomized Controlled Trial with Six Months Follow-Up
Roger Hagen,Odin Hjemdal,Stian Solem,Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair,Hans M. Nordahl,Peter Fisher,Adrian Wells
Frontiers in Psychology.2017;8(1)209
176Effectiveness of an Avatar application for teaching heart attack recognition and response: A pragmatic randomized control trial
Jintana Tongpeth,Huiyun Du,Tracey Barry,Robyn A. Clark
Journal of Advanced Nursing.2020;76(1)297
177Neonatal–perinatal medicine fellow procedural experience and competency determination: results of a national survey
T Sawyer,H French,A Ades,L Johnston
Journal of Perinatology.2016;36(7)570
178Motives and barriers to initiation and sustained exercise adherence in a fitness club setting—A one-year follow-up study
Christina Gjestvang,Frank Abrahamsen,Trine Stensrud,Lene A. H. Haakstad
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179Phlebotomine mortality effect of systemic insecticides administered to dogs
Sonia Ares Gomez,Javier Lucientes Curdi,Juan Antonio Castillo Hernandez,Paz Peris Peris,Adriana Esteban Gil,Ronald Vladimir Oropeza Velasquez,Paula Ortega Hernandez,Albert Picado
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180The Assessment of Acute Pain in Pre-Hospital Care Using Verbal Numerical Rating and Visual Analogue Scales
Ahmad K. Ismail,Muhammad A. Abdul Ghafar,Noor Shaza A. Shamsuddin,Nurul A. Roslan,Hilwani Kaharuddin,Nik A. Nik Muhamad
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181Dietary Acculturation among Filipino Americans
Persephone Vargas,Leo-Felix Jurado
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182The Effect of Educational Strategies Targeted for Nurses on Pain Assessment and Management in Children: An Integrative Review
Abigail Kusi Amponsah,Annika Björn,Victoria Bam,Anna Axelin
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183Social Provisions and Young Women’s Health-Related Physical Activity
Jocelyn D. Ulvick,Kevin S. Spink
Women & Health.2015;55(8)960
184Same-Day Counseling: Study Protocol for the Evaluation of a New Mental Health Service
Victoria Ewen,Aislin R Mushquash,Kathleen Bailey,John M Haggarty,Sumeet Dama,Christopher J Mushquash
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185The type and pain provoking nature of exercise prescribed for low back pain: A survey of Australian health professionals
Simon J. Summers,Siobhan M. Schabrun,Lucy S. Chipchase
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186High Internet awareness and proficiency among medical undergraduates in Nigeria: A likely tool to enhance e-learning/instruction in Internal Medicine
OluchiS Ekenze,ChristianI Okafor,SebastianO Ekenze
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187A latent growth model of destination image's halo effect
Richard Lee,Larry Lockshin,Justin Cohen,Armando Corsi
Annals of Tourism Research.2019;79(1)102767
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