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1Endometriumdicke in der Sonographie – ein wichtiger Parameter der endometrialen Rezeptivität?
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11Aspirin pre-treatment modulates ozone-induced fetal growth restriction and alterations in uterine blood flow in rats
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12Down-regulation of miR-378a-3p induces decidual cell apoptosis: a possible mechanism for early pregnancy loss
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33Therapeutic, Prophylactic, Untoward, and Contraceptive Effects of Combined Oral Contraceptives: Catholic Teaching, Natural Law, and the Principle of Double Effect When Deciding to Prescribe and Use
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35Oral contraception following abortion
Yan Che,Xiaoting Liu,Bin Zhang,Linan Cheng
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Gynecological Endocrinology.2015;31(3)229
37Should we continue to measure endometrial thickness in modern-day medicine? The effect on live birth rates and birth weight
Vânia Costa Ribeiro,Samuel Santos-Ribeiro,Neelke De Munck,Panagiotis Drakopoulos,Nikolaos P. Polyzos,Valerie Schutyser,Greta Verheyen,Herman Tournaye,Christophe Blockeel
Reproductive BioMedicine Online.2018;36(4)416
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